Welcome to the OIP Blog!

We are excited to finally launch our blog, which will be an effective means for us to communicate with Binghamton students, faculty, and staff! The Office of International Programs (OIP) is within the umbrella of the International Education and Global Affairs and actively takes a vital role in providing as diverse and well-developed international programs as possible while establishing firm, courteous relationships with our international partners.

We are committed to Binghamton University’s vision of becoming the premier choice for international education. We administer Binghamton University’s study abroad and international exchange programs, internships and service-learning abroad programs, the Global Studies minor, Language across the Curriculum, and the Dual-Diploma Program with Turkey, contributing to a multicultural campus and international education experiences that are easily accessible to Binghamton faculty and staff and the student body. The destinations to which our students go through our programs are countless! In addition, we seek to integrate the study-abroad experience with international education opportunities on campus by building connections to all areas of the curriculum.

Through this blog, we aim to introduce Binghamton University’s international programs as well as programs administered by our wonderful partners within the SUNY network and from abroad institutions. What will be unique about this blog is that the different opportunities to fully grasp today’s concept of globalization offered through these programs will be presented via the diverse lenses and perspectives of Binghamton students, faculty, and staff who have actually taken the opportunities. We strongly believe that these personal, first-hand experience and advice will be an appealing platform to present that our vision of becoming a premier choice for international education is being successfully accomplished.

Are you a Binghamton student, faculty, or staff and willing to share your story through this blog? Contact our social media team at oipmedia@binghamton.edu. To learn more about our work, visit us at http://www.binghamton.edu/oip or get in touch by emailing us at oip@binghamton.edu.

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