Opportunities Come Through Adventuring Abroad!

Although my time working as the Marketing Intern at the Office of International Programs was short, I have done and learned a lot of different things this semester. What made me want to be a part of the office was my own study abroad experience. Having the time of my life half way across the world made me want to encourage other students to study abroad. In addition to my desire to work with students, I am also a marketing major, which made this position especially rewarding.


My duties included updating social media channels, designing t-shirts and flyers, as well as editing and distributing promotional materials. I was also responsible for helping out with information sessions, study abroad fairs, and orientations. My favorite part of the job was reaching out to students and promoting the program that I personally went on. I gave presentations to classes and personally helped students with any questions they had with the program. I get so excited talking about my own experiences studying abroad and persuading others to take a look at not only the program I went on, but study abroad in general.


Working at an office directly with other staff members and students on campus is an incredibly rewarding experience. Every student’s four years at Binghamton University are unique. Working with everyone in the office to promote studying abroad and encouraging students to consider it was not only a lot of fun, but I also developed my leadership, communication and marketing skills.

Anita Wong, a participant of the Chinese Business Language & Culture summer study abroad program at Fudan University in summer 2015 and an undergraduate marketing intern at the Office of International Programs for spring 2016

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