“There are So Many Options for Binghamton Students to Study Abroad.”

My name is Caitlin Sullivan. I am a nursing major and triple minoring in Global Studies, Forensic Health and Education. I studied abroad in London, England through Binghamton’s Semester in London. It was a faculty-led program that immersed us in the culture of London. I believed that having family in England would allow me to know much of the culture before going but I learned a lot about more than just the Irish in England culture.

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One of the things that surprised me the most is how much my appreciation of art and architecture deepened because of one professor. Donatella Sparti helped expose and teach aspects of art I had no idea about in the past. Our class went beyond the classroom and she brought us to many different museums to show us.

A huge challenge for me was not being able to see my family as well as not being able to talk to them as much. I am very close to my family and the time difference made it difficult to talk to them as much as I wanted to for the four months I was away.

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I believe that travelling so much was so incredible of an experience. I found that the prices were affordable and it was very easy. I was able to see so many more cultures than just England’s. I was able to visit Scotland, Ireland, Norway, Denmark, Germany, and France as well as seeing all over England.

The program I chose was more geared for English and Theatre majors but I was able to start the Global Studies minor. The Global Studies minor made sure that I was able to get as much from studying abroad as I possibly could. I chose London to study abroad in because my family is from England and Ireland which made it extremely easy to travel and meet new family members.

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I believe that if it is a possibility for someone to study abroad, I would highly suggest it. There are so many options for a Binghamton student to study abroad concerning timing, length of trip, credits, location and school they do it through that I believe there is an abroad program for everyone.

England does have many different cultures as they are a melting pot, same as New York. Many of the cultures are more in the London area. Different parts of England have different cultures which are similar to how the different parts of the UK have different cultures. Scotland, Northern Ireland, England, and Wales all have different traditions and customs which is important to remember. Within London, there are so many different cultures from the immigrants that have moved into the city which allows for so much delicious foods especially in the various food markets across the city!

Caitlin Sullivan, a current Education Abroad Student Ambassador, who studied in London, England in spring 2016

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