Interning at IEGI Has Been a Wonderful Experience!


Working as the Marketing Intern at the Office of International Education and Global Initiatives has been an enriching experience for me. Before working at the IEGI, I did not have a lot of information about being able to go education abroad. That completely changed! I have attended many events, such as the Education Abroad Fair, that taught me about the vast amount of programs that are available to students for me to share with my friends. I was inspired to study abroad, but due to my hectic schedule, I am unable to, but I’m still looking for a way to fit it in!

At first, I was a little scared working as the Marketing Intern, especially since my graphic design skills aren’t the best, but my supervisor has always been very supportive and is constantly praising my work, which has really boosted my confidence in my work. I still remember working on the Education Abroad Flyer during the summer before I first started interning, and seeing how my skills have grown from there. I believe that interning here has allowed me to accept criticism better, work better with other to complete a task, and to be more creative with my work.

1 (1).jpgmidautumnfestival1 copy.png


Overall, I had a wonderful experience working here, filled with friendly smiles and a welcoming environment. The only con is the walk to Old Champlain, where IEGI is located, but it is not so bad after a while :). My future plans are completing my major and minor and I plan on being a JC mentor for students in Binghamton next semester! I will never forget my time interning at IEGI.

Renee Lu, a double major in Human Development and Psychology, with amazing talent in graphic design

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