“…it’s definitely true that when you get lost in a city you’ve never been to, you truly see it for all its beauty.”

I participated in the SUNY at Sorbonne study abroad program in Paris, France from May
30th to June 30th. It was literally the best experience of my life so far. One of my goals in life is to travel the world and this summer I began fulfilling that goal. IMG_1013Being abroad in Europe, I was able to travel to five countries. I lived in Paris, France because that’s where I took classes and visited Germany, Amsterdam, London and Prague. Before leaving abroad, I was a bit nervous about being in a foreign country all alone without any family members, but I was more excited than anything else. IMG_1176


I have always wanted to explore, learn about other cultures and see the world since I was very little. This summer was a dream come true. I couldn’t have done it without the help of the Myers scholarship. It was amazing to be able to take classes in another country with professors that are native to your host country because you really get emerged in the culture. Since I was only there for one month, I made sure to have different adventures every day from the early morning until the late night.



I made five really good friends who traveled with me everywhere. We created a bond that was so special since we all were experiencing Europe together for the first time. My favorite experience was in Amsterdam when I traveled the city alone for a few hours. I didn’t plan on it but it’s definitely true that when you get lost in a city you’ve never been to, you truly see it for all its beauty. During those few hours, I wasn’t worried about not having phone service or even being alone, I was at peace with myself and just wanted to see as many places as I could. I felt like in those few hours, I grew so much and gained this skill of being independent.


Studying abroad helped me be become more independent, increased my love of traveling and gave me the opportunity to network and visit places I might be interested in working one day. It’s interesting living in another country because you are able to compare living in the United States and the foreign country that you’re in and see how different and similar many things are. Studying abroad was one of the best decisions I’ve made so far in my life because of how much I grew and all of the experiences that I’ve had.

Sarah Samson, a Human Development major, studied abroad on the France: SUNY at the Sorbonne program during summer 2017.



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