Budget Host Inn: Great Variant for Economic Tourists

The problem of choosing accommodation while on vacation has long been a talk of the town. How much ink was spent and how many pencils were blunted trying to describe the most comfortable hotel with the cheapest rooms but the most first-class service.

Price formation

Of course, at the very beginning will be discussed the price. Small hotels mean a small size, which means that the price per room will be appropriate. Will the price affect the service? Maybe. They won’t come to you in the morning to clean the room, and in the living room, you will not have an individual breakfast waiting for you, since small rooms do not provide separate living rooms, only a common dining room, but very cozy and atmospheric.

However, no one said that low service means a boorish attitude. Not at all. The staff of small budget hotels will also be friendly and helpful, but their duties will be limited to minimum requirements. Nobody will talk to you on “you” and will be happy to help with a problem. Therefore, speaking of the low cost of rooms, you can put a plus for small modest hotels, where you do not need to overpay for a towel swan.


Small hotels also benefit from their location. They are usually located in old historical buildings in the center if you come to see the city. Large hotels usually take up too much space and it takes a lot of time to get out of their territory.


Probably the most important thing, but, for some reason, invaluable is the atmosphere in hotels. A hotel is a place where you spend the most important hours in life, night hours. It is difficult to truly relax and unwind where there is no comfort. Small hotels are distinguished by their unique atmosphere. There are no long corridors with high ceilings, marble staircases, or large chandeliers. The feeling of a homely atmosphere with your kitchen, and sometimes with a common dining room, brings a certain charm to your rest. And if you need silence, you can always hide in your cozy room and read a book.

Living conditions in the hostel are comfortable – everything you need is available: shower or bath, toilet, TV and Internet, kitchen with all household appliances. Hostels differ from hotels in strict living conditions, which is more a plus than a minus. The mode of operation provides for closing the doors to the entrance after 00 hours, and the tourist must vacate the room before 11 in the morning.

A person does not overpay for accommodation, as there will be no maids or cooks in the hostel. Guests will be able to count on cleaning the premises. In some hostels, breakfasts and separate safes for storing personal belongings are included in the room rate, as cases of theft are common.

Thus, the hostel is an ideal accommodation option for those who are financially constrained. Students, tourists who want to save money or people on a business trip can always count on a completely homely and friendly atmosphere, since in most cases the interior design is homemade, which is impossible to say about a hotel room.

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