How Board Portals Can Help You In Fundraising Management Process

Board portals are increasingly gaining attention from for-profit and nonprofit boards because these solutions can improve board productivity and profits. In addition, these programs save you time and reduce routine work, improve communication and member engagement within the company, and reduce security risks. Board portals often act as a great fundraising tool for a nonprofit organization, and in this article, we’ll look at how they provide an advantage in the process. 

Board portals as an opportunity to recover and redistribute internal resources

Keeping your company on track and running it successfully will take a lot of effort. Especially when you consider that board members have many different day-to-day responsibilities, managing which makes it very difficult to focus on any more urgent and important tasks, such as the fundraising management process. Being distracted by seemingly simple activities such as re-sending data, searching for documents, and answering questions from colleagues or stakeholders wastes an enormous amount of time that could have been spent on more important issues. Fundraising experts note that nonprofits today face a more complex fundraising management process. Companies are challenged to form an effective way to raise funds with existing staff while preferably having as many resources as possible. With the use of board portals, your staff can save themselves from the routine processes of planning and preparing for meetings, as well as managing various projects and adhering to strict policies. Automated download processes, document indexing, and ready-made templates for important documents such as agendas and minutes are ready to help you do just that. Portals also send out instant notifications of any changes in the space so that every user is kept up-to-date. 

Giving board members the ability to be more effective ambassadors

Board portals are known for their security performance, which no other cloud storage site can match. Thus, board members have a shared secure space where they can freely share their most sensitive data, discuss important issues and use collaboration tools with other board members and third-party funders and donors. 

If your board has easy access to a centralized space with all the documents they need, then the fundraising management process is guaranteed to become much easier, because that way they will have a better understanding of their responsibilities and become truly valued representatives of the company. Board portals have a dashboard with discussion topics that are essential to their role as representatives of the organization. And the ability to invite temporary users (donors)into the space will increase transparency and speed up the fundraising process because that way the donor can see how the organization is doing with its mission. 

Risk Management 

Another not insignificant feature of board portals is that they make it easier and more efficient to follow through on your responsibilities. Often directors are exposed to claims for not following their duties of loyalty, caution, and obedience because of the lack of constant access to information that could affect their actions. In a secure, encrypted board portal space, board members can have unfettered access to their risk management plan and insurance policies. That way, directors can make sure they are properly covered for the risks associated with their position. If your company doesn’t spend a lot of time on litigation, the fundraising management process will go much more smoothly. To learn more about the structure and operation of a nonprofit board, go to

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